PeopleApex: Simplifying Payroll Activities of Large Organizations through Robust Payroll Software

CIO Vendor Payroll is one of the mission critical operations of every organization. Hence, it is imperative to automate the entire gamut of payroll tasks ranging from the calculation of employees’ salary to ensuring that the calculated amounts are paid out to employees on time. While it is plausible for small organizations to accomplish it by implementing simple payroll software, trying to implement the same payroll software for large organizations is impossible as large organizations have multiple processes with huge employee base.

This is where “PeopleApex” comes to the aid of large organizations and enterprises with its robust and state-of-the-art Payroll software. The cloud based PeopleApex Payroll has numerous functionalities that help in comprehensively and yet simplistically handling payroll processing. Built on SaaS model, it provides robust security, and creates a single source of truth for HR professionals. The Payroll processing software helps to create automation with minimum human intervention and allows organizations to create rules that exist in their particular organization and define business logic for earnings, deductions, bonus, arrears, leave and attendance, taxes, and statutory requirements as well with pay structure. The payroll engine is built to compute complex payroll easily and at the same time it also provides correct payroll computation with ease of use. The robust payroll engine with over 250 prebuilt rules has the ability to configure and automate overtime calculations and is one of the fastest payroll processing software that can run multiple company payrolls. Integration with time and leaves module helps to automate payroll computation with minimum human intervention.

PeopleApex assists in accomplishing various tasks such as setting up payroll foundation, and defining pay group master and payroll calendar. It also helps in creating and assigning Chart of Accounts, and mapping pay items to General Ledger with tax configurations. Moreover, the employees can set up and key in all their tax declarations on their own. Multiple companies can be configured in PeopleApex and can have separate pay groups for processing payroll.

PeopleApex caters to large employee base companies by understanding
their problems faced in integrating multiple systems for different processes. “As a global system, we have built PeopleApex on a robust framework andhave designed the platform to have easy integration with third party software through API integrations,” affirms Saurabh Bhatt, Founder & CEO, PeopleApex.

We have built PeopleApex on a robust framework and have designed the platform to have easy integration with third party software through API integrations

Integration with all Major ERP Systems
PeopleApex is completely integrated with biometric systemsto automate time and attendance of employees. It can be integrated seamlessly with all major ERP systems for finance requirements. Once the systems are integrated, PeopleApex generates data dashboard reports that facilitate better data analysis and decision making.

PeopleApex software is a multicountry,multicurrency and multilanguage solution, empowering large organizations to have single software for global employees. This single tenant software solution for large organizations with multiple companies and multiple locations is designed with role and position based access that can be configured as per the organization’s requirement.

The payroll software provides some commendable benefits such as no CAPEX, rapid deployment, one HR system for multiple countries, Preconfigured best practices, anywhere anytime access and global support. PeopleApex helps the organization to have better ROI with increase in productivity and enables automation.

PeopleApex has large enterprise clients from India and across the globe. Currently, the company is working on voice command technologies, where the system performs actions based on the user commands. In addition, they are working on automating various processes by adopting ML and AI technologies.