Kredly: Streamlining HR Processes with Intuitive HRMs Platform

CIO Vendor Organizations have increasingly begun to perceive HRMS and payroll software as beneficial as it caters to the exclusive needs of the company by automating core HR operations and payroll processes, offering better efficiency and optimized productivity. However, despite recognizing the immense benefits these systems have to offer, there is skepticism around adoption. Most of the organizations believe that such systems are expensive and they lack user friendly interfaces thereby driving employees to go back to their legacy software. Kredily, headquartered in Bangalore, facilitates these organizations with its completely free and user friendly HRMS and Payroll software with enterprise level features.

The highly integrated platform is available at zero cost to the user and can be customized by the users themselves. While organizations may be on the lookout to implement HRMS and payroll systems, they may have a few demands such as data security, biometric integration, the integration of PF, ESI and PT for their employees and customer support. Kredily’s end to end solution has been designed and developed to meet all the aforementioned demands where it safeguards the employee data by harnessing the power of AWS.

The company with its team of technically adept professionals offers biometric integration on ESSL devices and is currently working on the integration with other devices as well. Additionally, the software has been equipped in such a way that if an organization uses any other device, they can manually download the attendance data and upload it on Kredily. In conjunction with this, once the client is on board, the user is assigned a dedicated account manager who handholds the companies until they are comfortable using the product. Support is available through multiple channels and not just via a support team. Customers can seek assistance through online support via Live Chats, Skype calls and the help section
which contains extensive user guides on how to use the product and several FAQs.

Kredily’s end-to-end solution has been designed and developed to meet all the demands where it safeguards the employee data by harnessing the power of AWS

The feature rich platform leverages trending technologies such as ML and AI to automate 70 percent of the HR tasks. It has been engineered to provide automated leave administration, accurate payroll workflows, robust employee directory and furnishes employees with easy-to-use document management feature. In addition, it also offers a unique revenue model “Kredily Bazaar” that permits better access to a gamut of financial products like insurance, loans, mutual funds, and other employee benefit options.

Despite it being a recent entrant in the market, over 1000 companies have put their trust in Kredily within a short span of six months. Given its current growth, Kredily is on course to become the biggest HR & Payroll Software provider by December 2019 with the highest number of employees on a HR & Payroll platform. This is quite a notable achievement as studies show that the largest HRMS and Payroll service provider in India caters to only 6500 companies. Making waves in this domain, Kredily envisions expanding its product capabilities with the addition of API integrations with complementary applications like expense management and applicant tracking systems and embedding various modules such as document generation, employee, and employee exit management. Also, the company envisages launching new products on Kredily Bazaar like employee meal cards, insurance, and mutual funds investment products.