InfoNoble Solutions: Providing a Revolutionary Cloud based HRMS Solution

CIO Vendor Rahul Vador, the Founder and Director of InfoNoble, noted that KBV research states that the Global Cloud based Payroll Software Market size is expected to reach 9.9 billion dollars by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 6.0 percent between 2017 and 2023. A few years back, one could have asked why? And what for? But now, we’re here and the new question is what’s next? Cloudbased platforms that employees and managers can access without help from HR personnel are a fact of work life for companies large and small. We bet few years into Cloud domination, we won’t be looking at userinterface or menus, but how we bring interaction to the workers. With a closer look at the present HR technology advancements, one realizes that we have technologically rooted deeper than we had calculated before we started digging.

Ashish VD Thapliyal, the Founder and Director of InfoNoble stated that a basic factor to note is that big companies have several HR applications where redundancy, constant costly updating and integrating all departments are few of the key pain points. This lacking point of HR system has given an advantage to the HR technology solution providers. The providers are combining the SaaS, Cloud technology, Big Data Analysis and other IT trends in a single platform to provide a single vendor solution featuring all the needs of the company for a long run. Hence, Noble HRMS has ceased to be a luxury investment but rather a cost saviour intrinsic to the smooth functioning of any organisation.

Today’s HRMS market is ripe for HR professionals in organizations of all sizes looking to upgrade their technology. That includes larger companies eager to replace their aging on premises systems with software-as-a-service successors, as well as small employers that are finally upgrading after years of using spreadsheets. Buyers in both scenarios are savvy consumers and select the right option from among the wide array of HRMS platforms in the market.

InfoNoble has positioned itself as one of the best companies dealing with
comprehensive enterprise solutions. The services provided in the HRMS segment via its product NobleHRMS includes Time & Attendance, Payroll & Compliances, Appraisals, KRA & KPI tracking, Recruitments, Onboarding & Exits, Training and Development, Travel Management & Reimbursements and Record Keeping with focus to optimize the efficiency of HR management. The distinctive features of Noble HRMS include: cloud based system that can operate on an Opex model, mobile based solutions, out of box integration with major Biometric Attendance Machines, dashboard and analytics to aid decision making, fastest time to implementation and a lower TCO.

With InfoNoble’s Noble HRMS and other offerings, enterprises can expect single vendor powered solutions for various business needs, eliminating the requirements of going through tedious process of integrations

With Info Noble’s Noble HRMS and other offerings, enterprises can expect single vendor powered solutions for various business needs, eliminating the requirements of going through tedious process of integrations.

Other InfoNoble services include CRM,Contact Center, Chat Bots and Omni Channel solutions. The team at InfoNoble approaches the process through an indepth analysis of client’s business, scope of development, and a competitor analysis. The information congregated is used to deliver an integrated software solution by keeping key parameters like cost, training, implementation and finance in view.

InfoNoble has provided its valuable service in HR domain via its product NobleHRMS to multinationals and startups, processing HR needs of 50,000 employees monthly and growing, in its short span of existence.