Crystal HR and Security Solutions: One-point Solution for All Payroll Management Needs

CIO Vendor In recent times, the major paradigm shifts have led to the significant advancement in the field of HR & payroll outsourcing. The global HR payroll software market is expected to reach USD 8050 million by 2023. As the statutory norms get tightened, and organizations have to follow the rules set by the labour department, it is challenging for them to manage payrolls manually. Hence, they are opting for automated solutions that ensure compliance and disciplined workforce. However, it requires extensive domain expertise to build an automated solution which can address all the concerns effectively and handle complex computation requirements. Crystal HR and Security Solutions is one such solution provider making its mark by providing various payroll solutions on a single platform. The company boasts of having a comprehensive domain expertise in payroll management and is currently one of the leading payroll solution providers in South India.

Wallet HR
Wallet HR is a comprehensive payroll software by Crystal with multicurrency options. The software configures any country’s payroll without the need of customization and it also lets the end user bother least to manually configure the major requirements like PF, Professional tax, income tax and many more. The software is as well equipped to manage the audit requirements which are related to the master and transaction components of the payroll system. The changes of every master and transaction component are captured and reported during audit, thus a configured document is maintained, and this helps an organization to store the document of information and not to be worried if the payroll person is replaced. With all these specifications, the Wallet HR also has user friendly
features like it creates an interest towards working on an application, the software is never out dated and every new technology is updated, so that the users should not worry about the technology getting obsolete. Along with this it also helps to sign Form 16 digitally. Wallet HR is not just a payroll software but it is much above that, when it comes to reporting; it has a dynamic report machine which enables the user to generate the reports that can be exported at any condition and to anywhere with ease.

The company boasts of having a comprehensive domain expertise in payroll management and is currently one of the leading payroll solution providers in South India

The company has designed the software in such a way that the software has default templates for the payslip generation, where the user is left with his own choice to go ahead and create new design with required fields. Payslip is generated in PDF format that is protected with a password.

Future roadmap
The company provides payroll solution for all the diverse requirements of the clients. It has a team dedicated to development and implementation of payroll. The company feels proud to have the most trained employees, who have been the major reason for their growth in the industry. With a sight on the future, the company plans to combine the payroll with attendance registration, employee self service portal and integration to mobile service and much more.