Transaction Analysts: Catalyzing the Financial Inclusion Revolution

CIO Vendor The rising E-Commerce phenomenon, increased Smartphone penetration and growing customer experiences are some of the primary contributors to the expansion of the FinTech Market in India. As E-commerce continues its rapid growth, mobile wallets have become one of the most trusted and preferred payment methods online. While the sheer size of the market presents immense opportunities for Payment Banks and wallet service providers, the challenges are as great as the opportunities with multiple payment banks and SFBs vying for customer attention and looking to create a unique proposition. Recognizing these concerns, Bangalore - headquartered Transaction Analysts (TA)endeavors to be a catalyst to the Financial Inclusion revolution by bringing affordable Digital Payment services to the common man and thus contribute to the Digital transformation of India.

Incorporated in 2011, Transaction Analysts is a Solution Engineering company specializing in Products and Services in all areas of Payment Systems. With vast expertise in payment technologies,the company offers streamlined payment processing solutions that are tailor made to fit customer needs and industry specific standards.“With one billion Aadhaar cards issued in India, 150 million migrant labor for an easy way to send money to back home and over 900 million people moving to digital payments, challenges inevitably arise in phone number and address identification. Our company attempts to resolve these problems with our proclivity for innovation in digital payments,”explains Srinivasa Katuri, MD & CEO, Transaction Analysts.

With a vision to bring affordable Digital Payment Services to all citizens of India, we have designed a Digital Wallet platform which has been built in accordance with RBI’s norms and incorporates innumerable modules to cater to multiple functions of the wallet service.
With a number of diverse ventures under their wing in the last 5 years,Transaction Analysts has gained a stronghold in the FinTech domain. TA clients include large MNCs like Microsoft, large banks,educational institutions,startups using India stack. TA has launched T-Wallet as a co-branded wallet for the entire state of Telangana on 1st June 2017 for citizens with or without phone and bank accounts. The company hopes to bring Digital Payments Services to various states in India as well as further innovation in the Finance Sector. TA has also partnered with ITI to bring cashless payment services for all Government departments and PSUs.

Transaction Analysts is a Solution Engineering company specializing in Products and Services in all areas of Payment Systems

TA has hosted its wallet platform on Microsoft Azure which enables it to provide elastic on demand, scalable and highly secure payment platform. TA is also building its own digital partner network across India to provide cashless payment services to those categories of people who require assistance. Such users are able to enjoy cashless services from these agents who are trusted in their local communities as they are having their presence with already established businesses."One of our key differentiators is empowerment of our digital partners by providing them additional revenue earnings", explains Director P. Raman Babu.

TA has built all its products in-house and holds all the IP rights and has RBI,UIDAI and NPCI licenses and strategic partnerships. TA has completely aligned its products with India Stack with a vision to build the largest digital wallet and Aadhaar platform in India. With a strong technical team empowered to excel,a management team giving direction and mentoring the staff,TA is poised to be the front runner in the Fintech Industry with its quality assured products delivered with world class services.