Perfios Software Solutions: Supplying Innovative Solutions for Bolstering Financial Institutions

CIO Vendor India's FinTech market has created promising opportunities owing to JAM (Jan Dhan,Aadhar, and Mobile) penetration and today's FinTech players bring out technology innovations to exploit these opportunities. However, the significance of innovative players who are capable to offer technology solutions for aggregating both structured and unstructured data, and reinforce businesses in real-time decisions, will be high. Bangalore-headquartered Perfios Software Solutions comes to the fore with its real-time analytics platform that processes different types of data by extracting, curating, preparing and analyzing them, and provides vertical solutions for different industry needs. “Perfios is positioned as a neutral technology data platform that processes various structured and unstructured data. With deep domain expertise and experience of working with various large and small players, we deliver relevant solutions that can be used by domain experts or groups in the FinTech space,”unveils V.R. Govindarajan, Co-Founder and Director of Perfios Software Solutions. It offers Aggregation API, Statement Analyser, E-Verification, Money Manager and Advisor solution etc. to aid individuals,corporates and large financial institutions.

Perfios Money Manager application provides a 360-degree view of one’s personal finance across all asset classes in automated ways. The application can acquire data in three ways and give a complete view of financial status anytime and any where including bank accounts, credit cards and loans etc. According to V.R. Govindarajan,“Once the data is aggregated,the solution lets users slice and dice data while providing various useful reports and analytics. This enables users to save more and spend less.The entire application is accessible over web or mobile anytime and from anywhere”. Perfios has been
delivering Money Manager application to its users for the past eight years. Out of this experience,it has built an easy-to-use engine and provides SDK(software development kit) for its B2B customers to leverage the power of aggregation engine. Hence, B2B customers can quickly go-to-market,focus on their user acquisition activities,and leave aggregation delivery to Perfios.Its Aggregation APIs help empower personal finance or money manager applications of large institutions or FinTech companies.

Perfios Money Manager application provides 360-degree view of one’s personal finance across all asset classes in automated ways

Indeed, Perfios Advisor solution is specially designed for Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs). The solution delivers a single view of data to both advisors and their clients. This consolidated view of clients’data enables RMs (of the IFA organization)to provide better advisory to their clients and user experience. Besides, Perfios offers a comprehensive statement analyzer for the real-time analysis of various documents processed by financial institutions. It reduces cost significantly,increases productivity and delivers great user experience.

With its proven technology platform and a colossal amount of customers across banks, NBFCs and FinTech companies,Perfios aims to leverage explosive growth available in the FinTech ambience.“We started out with a deep focus on the Indian market,and now branched to other geographies also. Our goal is to become a dominant technology player in our chosen geographies by providing deep value addition to all Stakeholders, ”concludes V.R.Govindarajan.