ECS Fin Inc.:Defragmenting Messaging Services to Reach Optimized End-to-end Transaction Processing S

CIO Vendor The expansion of digital technology to various areas has modified the way things are implemented in the financial sector. In the modern day, banks offer most services through smart phones and online banking. Cloud solutions and robotics are already reducing cost and enhancing quality. These advancements have opened up new opportunities for the industry. To meet the rising demands of the evolved marketplace, finance technology solution providers need to offer competitive,feature-laden,well-designed digital products and services, with a much faster response-time,at reduced costs,while continuing to support legacy systems at the back-end. However, the inability to meet the customer demands and regulatory requirements have led to a risk of performance,ongoing development work and heavy overrun of budgets.

Headquartered in New York, ECS Fin offers a series of complete solutions for moving money and securities.Their product IMS eliminates the risks faced by prospects as the solution is offered on a trial basis. “ECS is well positioned in the market through its efficient messaging services, optimized transaction processing applications, robust connectivity services and well-organized data governance and reporting solutions. ECS is certified by SWIFT for connectivity and business applications, ”elaborates Jacob Aruld has,CEO, ECS Fin. It helps in maximizing efficiency while minimizing failure points, data travel, data redundancy and cost.

IMS doesn’t cater to a particular business division, in fact, multiple departments can leverage IMS to suit their business requirements. ECS combined basic transaction processing modules, supporting components, integration and connectivity services to its IMS Solutions Series taking into consideration the complete life cycle of a transaction. Their solutions can help banks,central banks, corporates and capital market intermediaries to optimize their transaction processing environment.
Three application suites are IMS Gateway,IMS Payments and IMS Securities. Gateway handles connectivity and messaging while Payments and Securities addresses movement of money and securities. IMS eliminates the need for multiple products since it addresses all aspects of transaction processing. Each connection when engaged will offer its own dashboard and interface for visibility and control. Integration services are not needed since IMS can take and deliver data in any format.

IMS doesn’t cater to a particular business division; in fact, multiple departments can leverage IMS to suit their business requirements

ECS Fin has adopted a systems approach to provide transaction processing solutions to banks by which the focus shifts from message administration services to transaction processing solutions. The payment solution facilitates rapid engagement of all money movement modules offering quality services to customers and beneficiaries. “Once data enters IMS through one of the many methods,data belonging to each transaction will make its own decision to get identified with the underlying transaction, identify the business rules, engage validation rules and make itself visible in the appropriate dashboard for user intervention as needed and adheres to the processing rules set specifically for that particular transaction” states Jacob.

What differentiates ECS Fin from its competitors is the fact that their solution takes minimum time to deploy and is a risk-free acquisition which means the users can try and buy their solutions. ECS Fin endeavors to be a market leader in connectivity, message administration, application integration and transaction processing solutions.