CoPASS: Providing Innovative and Customizable Solutions at an Optimized Cost

CIO Vendor The co-operative system in India has the capacity to neutralize the adverse effects emerging from the process of globalization. After economic liberalization under the new economic environment, cooperatives at all levels are making efforts to reorient their functions according to the market demands. The government is committed towards cooperative development but still the co-operative sector is underdeveloped and has to deal with problems such as poor infrastructure, lack of quality management,over-dependence on government among others.

The credit co-operative sector is either deprived of banking services like debit card and net banking or offers them at a premium through a banking network. This isolates the credit society customers from customer driven banking services. CoPASS cloud enables the Credit Co-operative societies to digitize their environment instantaneously without any investment in the hardware.

Cloud allows the societies to be online and connect with their branches in real-time. The pay per use pricing strategy of CoPASS allows these societies to digitize at an optimum cost. The Cloud is hosted in a Grade A data center and hence all the required assurances of up time,redundancy and optimum bandwidth are easily met. The access to data across this vertical also enables to dedupe a customer thereby enhancing the quality of the screening process.“The added service to transact electronically is the need of the hour for all the customers. With this in mind CoPASS has innovated a bank sponsored VISA debit card which when used in CUG environment will eliminate the banking service fee. Being a bank sponsored VISA card, it will also provide the flexibility to the customer to transact through bank ATM or electronic bank network,” elaborates Ashutosh Samant, Managing

CoPASS is part of the technology group which develops solutions for other verticals like banking, telecom, cable and broadband. They implement whatever they have acquired from working in these sectors in the cooperative space. The security policies,robustness of the product required in Commercial banks has been adopted for co-operative space.The CoPASS solution is based on proven RDBMS platform and is as secure as any banking software.

The solution caters to complete last mile requirement from acquisition of customers, KYC, handling of meetings and collections both individual and group

What differentiates CoPASS from other players in the segment is their innovative solutions are customizable and flexible.“Our promoters are experienced in operating credit co-operatives as well as developing software and mobility applications across verticals like banking, telecom, cable and broad band,our varied product bouquet offer solutions ranging from Cloud based backend to mobility solutions right from customer acquisition to customer maintenance.We have also developed mobility based solution for this space. The solution caters to complete last mile requirement from acquisition of customers, KYC, handling of meetings and collections both individual and group,”states Ashutosh.

The company aims to be one of India's leading technology solution provider in the co-operative space with focus on providing innovative solutions at optimized cost.